Rebel Etiquette is about people.

We challenge you to define yourself, not by the rules you were raised on or told to follow, nor the boxes of options provided, but rather by the rules of the life you believe in.

Earlier this year, we dared ourselves to take this spark of an idea and see where it could go. With the support of a talented network of colleagues and friends, our vision for this brand has been able to take off.

We have started with this core group of defining pieces. Each design represents qualities of people we respect and admire using bold color and a blend of textures. The hand stitching adds a personal touch to juxtapose classic style with modern detailing. It’s an accent that can both represent who you are today and who you will be years from now.

Where do we go next? The honest answer is everywhere.

We hope you join in for the ride.

The Idea

Rebel Etiquette, Inc. is a start-up collective originating in Los Angeles, California. Inspired by men’s accessories as an expression of personal identity, we aim to have you unlock the best version of yourself.